Nutanix Home Lab

As the title suggests, I have been thinking about setting up a Nutanix cluster at my house for testing purposes. You may wonder why I am wanting to go with Nutanix over other available solutions. My reasoning is simple, we use Nutanix at my place of work, so it makes the most sense for me to run Nutanix in my lab.


The first hurdle in this project is of course hardware. I need something capable of running Nutanix. Since this will reside in my living spaces, it needs to be small, quiet, and I don’t want it to double as a heater. It’s plenty hot in Las Vegas already.

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Exchange Shell: Restore / Migrate Disabled Mailbox

Full disclosure, I am not an Exchange person on any level. I know the basics of how things work but really have next to no hands-on experience with Exchange. However, I do know PowerShell.

I recently started a new gig as a Systems Engineer on a small team. One of the projects they have been working on is moving their mail system to Exchange. They made the switch late on Thursday and of course, some issues came up Friday morning. Continue reading “Exchange Shell: Restore / Migrate Disabled Mailbox”

Fancy Green Locks – NGINX and Certificates

Being a new blog in the realm of tech, I figure it would make sense to write some articles about what it took to set up this site. While certainly not necessary for your average blog, I found myself with a GoDaddy coupon and an opportunity to get a cert on the cheap, so I figured why not add that “fancy green lock” to this site. Continue reading “Fancy Green Locks – NGINX and Certificates”